An old friend found out yesterday ( because I told her, after she wished me a brilliant Xmas ). She sent this message :)

Hi Russ


4 hours I spent reading your blog last night – I laughed, I cried and I couldn’t stop reading…  I’m still not done….! (great to see some of the old familiar faces in the photos – how do you all look so good still!?)


You are amazing and inspiring (but then, no surprises there, as you always have been) and WOW how your friends & family love you…  You have been dealt the most unfair and unforgiving cards in the pack and yet you are blessed…


My heart breaks for you and yet I know, of anyone I know, you’ll bounce back and exceed as you always do!


Merry Christmas you gorgeous man


Lots of love and warm sunshine sent to all of you from Bim




PS: They didn’t, per chance, find a toothbrush up your arse in the X-rays did they? 😉

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