An apology.

A couple of days ago I made light of the unfortunate and tragic condition of dementia. 

It was insensitive. 
I suppose I club myself, living with this, alongside other ‘victims of health misfortunes’ so as part of the same ‘club’ am able to joke about ‘us’ as a section of society. 
That was wrong of me, I’m sure. 
Sorry to anyone offended. 
I’ll limit my attempts at humour to only those with the same condition as myself in future. 

1 thought on “An apology.

  1. I am glad that u had the decency to apologise for offending me for one. For some-one that is suffering from dementia this is not a very pleasant experience. My neighbour next door does not know even who is wife is half the time. He wanders up and down the street and is in a state of confusion half the time. He will probably be like this for a few more years yet. You probably did not mean to offend anyone but you do come across as arrogant. Babs

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