Amber, Russ and the Chief Bollock Wallah

This morning in Toulon!

Russ, Amber and Russ’s older bro, Alwyn…AKA Chief bollock wallah!!! xxxx

Dear all
Not a lot to say other than it has been a very quiet day. Russ was very tired this morning as yesterday had been a very strenuous day for him and he had achieved a great deal. He was off the ventilator when we arrived but was very sleepy so was put back on it.
He continues to be quite naughty with regard to trying to pull out tubes etc. In fact he managed to pull out the 'feeding tube' from his nose and had a telling off from the nurses!!
So not much more to tell but will update tomorrow.
Dear love to you all
Jenni xxxx

4 thoughts on “Amber, Russ and the Chief Bollock Wallah

  1. Dear Russ, Dani and the girls
    This is Hannah and Will, Jac and Es’s friends from Champoluc. They have filled us in on your accident and we are so delighted and relieved to hear that you are now awake and beginning to talk. What an amazing hero you are Russ. This blog site is incredible and I can’t believe the strength that Dani and the rest of your family and friends are showing – the posts are heart-wrenching and heart-warming to read. We are thinking of you and look forward to seeing you in the mountains again soon
    With love
    Hannah, Will, Josie, Martha and Dotty

  2. Hi Russ, Mark Pritchard here wishing you well and hoping that you continue to recover from your shocking accident. I spoke to Larry recently, and he gave me most of the details but I did not realise just how serious things were until I started reading your blog. I’m so impressed by your amazing recovery rate. The support you have been getting from all your family and friends is testament to what a fantastic guy you are.
    It’s going to be a long road to travel before you can start to live life normally again – or as close as you will be able to, but we all know that whatever the outcome you will live it the only way you know – to the full, 100%

    Best wishes Russ, love to Danielle and the girls.

    Mark & Kate

  3. Russ, you are amazing! What a great picture, and a great testament to your incredible recovery !
    I always knew that you were strong willed and obstinate, and this time, all of this has pooled with your incredible strength and determination to bring you through this. I am sure having your bollocks fanned by your brother has helped greatly . NB Alwyn- Go and buy 2 of those little face fans (battery operated bollock coolers) they sell out there and rig them up under the sheet, one each side! It will save you a lot of humiliation later mate
    Russ, I have never doubted that you would fight to reach and go beyond every barrier you came across, and that you will always continue this in your life.
    We are all really proud of you Russell. All our love to all of you there in Toulon and see you soon. Love, Laura xxxxxx

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