Almost ok?!

It’s not going to be a happy ending with Wendy. Apparently, in her words I’m ‘ perfect 95% of the time. but the other 5% I can be irrational/ unpleasant’.

Well to be honest given what I’ve been through these last 6 and a half years, if I was perfect 5% of the time and irrational 95% it would be fairly justified. Having been privy to glimpses of partners of paralysed people’s conversations, it’s fair to say that it’s unpleasant most of the time for them. Guess what? Paralysis isn’t a happy place to be at. Being happy all the time and being perfectly nice all the time isn’t that likely. For the non paralysed I’d doubt many fellas get 95%. That’s a super A ⭐️ grade. Pre injury I doubt I’d have hit 30% Amazing, so I’m actually pretty chuffed at my score.

What I’ve noticed is that I have regained the notion of sticking up for myself. I was ever so meek post injury for a long time, definitely enabling people to take advantage. I don’t regard sticking up for myself as a fault, tho on Monday I did get very cross. I’d say it was the first time I have been really cross since my injury tho. What others may see is just the angry fella in the wheelchair. What they haven’t seen is the drip drip drip drip of discrimination and fifth class treatment I get from so many quarters. That builds up and up and it’s a bit pressure cooker. Pre injury on the bus I’d have dragged the guy off and pummelled him, no question, for the way he talked down to me. It seems now tho that I’m expected to accept it and be grateful.

My Carer forgot to come today. By sheer fluke someone was available to help me, but I did think that I’d just be stranded in bed. When I told him he’d really let me down, he resigned. Wow, there’s professionalism for you.

So, what’s next I wonder? It normally comes in 3’s doesn’t it? I’m not going to shrink and die, I’m going to try for a bit longer at least.

Cessation of posts does of course mean one thing and I can’t count that out, but first im going to see The Libertines in Brixton. I’ve got someone to help me. 👍

Oh and good luck to Wendy. Great girl. Not 100% perfect all of the time by any means. But I looked more at the positives, cos that’s what I have to do.

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    Just  a quick right to reply Russ  – it was not one incident it was  a good few weeks of my having slowed down as I settled into WayneSpeed. I was employed to be a carer not a wheelchair engineer. thank god, because I’m about as handy as a fella with no arms. As for Russ I would say he’s a great guy (96%) of him and the opposite for the other 4% I genuinely wish him well.  I am a very very overweight carer. – I have limits to how much I want to do. The less the better! Russ wanted me to do things that are the premise of the non fatty. Yes I’m fat for purpose, rather than fit! 🤦‍♂️

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