All white now.

Let it snow… so nice and Christmas’y   Loads of messages from people with pictures of snow covered roads. How lovely !

Except for me, it’s a blimmin complication I can do without. No way I’d trust the iBot in the snow, and the Triride wheel slides all over the place when it rains, never mind when it snows.

Obviously I’ll still chance it and go out… what’s the worst that can happen…..? Tipping over? Death? All fine with me, obviously. I can’t let a little thing like a fatal skid in front of a bus confine  me to the flat !? Where would be the fun in that ??

Ill let you know how it goes…

Last night Pia and I saw Bananarama ! They all still look hot from a distance; can’t comment on close up though. Anyway, the audience was there to have a good time. Bananarama isn’t exactly my  thing, but hey, it was a blast from the past. Growing up in South Wales, it wasn’t that ‘ acceptable ‘ for a lad to say he was a fan of Bananarama, even if you did actually like them it was form to say that you didn’t – they were very much a girl’s thing.  Last night the audience was 50/50 Male to female, contrasted with the Sleeper gig where it was 80/20 Male crowd  – think it’s  a sexual fantasy thing, but only my theory obviously..


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