After the euphoria… The come down.

Somehow in the process of the return journey, I’ve acquired my first bum abrasion, probably in the slide transfer between wheelchair and car or vice versa. 

Of course the problem is that I can’t feel anything so don’t know I’ve done it. 
The consequence is that I now have to stay in bloody bed for days, on my side, til it heals, missing out on the proper start of my rehab. 
I can still use the various elastic exercise bands that I have attached to the bed, but in it I must stay. 
Also I’ll not be able to be taken out tomorrow night,  and maybe not the night after,  by mates. 
I feel the road  ahead will be littered with potholes, lots of them unseen til I’ve wheeled into them. 
I’ll try not to let this get me down, but days in bed are NOT my idea of a holiday. I felt that I was really getting somewhere until this setback. 
Anyhow, there are hundreds of antique shows on daytime TV interspersed with my very welcome stream of visitors. 
Most importantly, I’m hoping I’ll be healed to go home again on Friday!
Fingers crossed. 

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