After 2/3 days.

So from not being able to cough 36 hours ago, we got as far as me transferring back into my chair today – big progress.

Because my pelvis was up on the left side, and my spine curving way over to the right, then back to the left, my chair cushion and back rest set up was to try to make me straight to compensate.
Now that my hip bones are symmetrical, and my back ramrod straight, when I get in the ( compensated ) chair, I’m leaning to the right – which is the strangest feeling, after 3 years of leaning to the left.
I will need a different cushion and backrest obviously, but this stuff doesn’t happen fast.

Tomorrow I’ll be able to go outside the hospital, if I get a push, and that’ll be a week earlier than I’d thought that might happen. They’ll take a layer of dressing off my back wound too, tomorrow, which should take half an inch off my back.
My next op is in 7 days, and that’ll knock me for six again, but quite possibly a further 28 days in hospital after that may not be necessary.

I do have to be realistic and stay in hospital until I’m able to be fairly self sufficient with ‘basic functions’, as I don’t have a nurse at home.. so I’ll have to guage that carefully and counter the desire to get out hospital.

In the meantime, I’ve a lot of people to thank for their messages of concern about my welfare, to the staff for looking after me, and to Marky P, Lily and Dani for visiting. I seem to have slept for a fair bit of today, the sleep desire just seeming to sweep over me in seconds, something I’m not used to, but one which is very welcome, I can tell you.

I’ve just had my last intravenous antibiotics injected, so after that it’s back to swallowing loads of large tablets.

It’s taken me 3 days to watch a film, whilst here, so I’ve still to be converted to a telly watcher. Maybe I’m just not destined to get there.

2 thoughts on “After 2/3 days.

  1. Dear Russell

    Just a note to wish you continued strength and resilience, not to mention the most important, a sense of humour. What you are under-going, and have gone through, most of us will probably never experience. Your writing, your account of your ‘new’ life, occasionally harrowing, often inspirational, but always honest, deserves a wider audience.
    I hope things continue to go well. Banish those bloody spasms forever.


  2. The signal down in Poole’s obviously not great as I’ve only just caught up with all your post op posts! Why am I not surprised that you are making better progress than everyone predicted?? And an impressively straight back there! What a difference that’s going to make. You might even be able to play darts now! Good luck with the next op and I’ll get in touch re visiting when we get home next weekend. Mxxx

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