The UTI was nipped in the bud, I’d say. No symptoms of depression or madness this time.

i also think that my ( almost ) alcohol free life is paying dividends. I don’t wake up feeling down, I wake up feeling realistic.

Yesterday was a bit of an adventure. I had a Council Meeting near Kings Cross. I had planned a route – Hammersmith & City tube line from Hammersmith, then get off in Kings Cross and travel by chair to Euston Road ( 0.6 miles )  – easy/ an hour.

I got to Hammersmith by bus ( slowly ). At the station  entrance  I was told that due to the Grenfell fire there was no tube running…. so I want across the road to the District Line, knowing that that way was far more complicated, via the few stations that are accessible to wheelchairs.

Plan was Hammersmith to Westminster to Green Park to Euston –  4 stations and 3 tube lines, each change requiring lifts up and lifts ( plural ) down.

The ‘ modern ‘platforms have raised area where the few  wheelchair space carriages stop adjacent to. In theory that’s  marvellous, except in bloody practice the driver doesn’t always do that. You don’t get long to get on, so I had a foot in height to mount, and a foot in height to dismount. A foot to me is IMPOSSIBLE without someone to help. I had my new carer, and guys that jumped up and assisted. It wasn’t the greatest experience…

At Euston, more was to come. There was no bloody lift!… from the platform to the street level! At that point I thought F*** it, I’ll take the escalator… now that route is both not allowed and obviously risky…. one slip and I go tumbling all of the way down… well I would if I let go, right?

On that basis, I wheeled on, and held on very tightly, the chair leaning back at 45 degrees, up 3 different escalators. Guess what, I’m still alive and now far more stations are suddenly accessible!

Go me….

3 thoughts on “Adventure.

  1. There is a strong connection to alcohol and dopamine and serotonin levels ….
    Awesome on the escalators …. definitely a skill 😉

  2. Thank goodness for your gigantic biceps of steel, Russ.
    You’re going to have so much fun scaring people stiff now, aren’t you? 🙂
    Can’t wait to hear about The Further Adventures Of Dawkins now you’re at liberty to roam.

  3. There was a girl in a wheelchair worked with me at the Olympics and she frightened me to death the first time she headed for the escalator, but there’s obviously a technique and, once you’ve practised it a bit, it all looks very easy! Going down she’d tip herself backwards so only the rear wheels were on the tread and she stayed horizontal, but, as you say, going up was a bit scarier – unless you want to try going up backwards…….

    Enjoy the freedom!

    Lots of love

    Auntie Mary xxxx

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