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  • I’ve been going on a public speaking course for 6 months. There was a monthly class, which did see the number of attendees shrink from 9 to 5 at the end.

    Most people were there because they felt they really n […]

  • Russ wrote a new post, Wednesday 2 days, 1 hour ago

    Just been to see Jess Glynne in Shepherds Bush. It was a postponed WarChild benefit gig. A girl came on stage to talk about the war in her African country and the effects on the terrified children there. The […]

  • Russ wrote a new post, Tut tut. 2 days, 13 hours ago

    With still no verdict in my own case, I head to the nearest magistrates Court to be an observer again.

    The Court says it’s accessible and is a one storey building that’s new’ish.

    However when I get there […]

  • So last night then.. when I went to a Pint of Science talk with Marky P, my girlfriend Wendy ( having opened 2 doors for me to get out ) found herself locked out of my flat. She had had the foresight to carry the […]

  • Russ wrote a new post, Nope 1 week ago

    And still no Verdict…. and you aren’t allowed to question a judge’s punctuality!

    • I know when I did Jury Service at Isleworth we had to be on time but the Judge was always late. Luv Marge x

  • This is a picture of the blood covered knife that I used to ‘do myself in’ in July 2017. The thing is, I’d actually forgotten altogether that it was this particular knife, and Wendy, me or G use it most days […]

  • Russ wrote a new post, Thank you. 1 week ago

    I’d like to thank all the (many!!) people that have been/are such lovely friends. Some I have known for decades and some for just a few years. One, a truly unbelievably lovely person, I have only known since J […]

  • Russ wrote a new post, Not yet… 1 week ago

    And the Verdict was put off for another day… which ever way it goes it’s not exactly a happy ending, as there’s stuff at stake both ways. The stuff is VERY different for me to what it is for the ‘ other side […]

  • Well after the full Court experience these last few days, the Judge delivers his verdict tomorrow. ..

    Whatever the outcome I WOULD like to thank the Court for the exceptional attitude they have shown by way of […]

  • As I wheel onto the tube train and head towards the designated wheelchair space on the carriage that Transport for London INSIST that I place myself in, 4 dressed to the nines nice middle class ladies with […]

    • Dawk, they sound like shallow & empty-headed WAGs. Plankton.

    • Being a lady as I am, would have said to hem “You have 5 seconds to get out of the way you Tart” and if they didn’t move I would have given them a shove. Luv Marge x x x

  • Russ wrote a new post, May 12th. 1 week, 5 days ago

    And I’m in Court in the morning… Day 1 of the end ( hopefully ) of my rather prolonged divorce process. By the end of the week, but hopefully sooner, that chapter will have closed. It’s not exactly a fun exp […]

    • I am really sorry about your Aunty Wendy. Cancer is a horrible disease If you want me to chain myself outside the Divorce Court let me know. I am willing to be arrested to help you in any way. Luv Marge x x

      • Hey, Go Marge ! Real Dawkins spirit & spunk.

        • Thank you, I am willing to super glue certain parts of my body to the railings outside the Divorce Courts if necessary. Luv Marge x x

          • Marge, you are a contemporary Suffragette – you don’t care, do you ? Support Dawk. etc. Take pics too.

    • Dawky, you sound positive, upbeat & dynamic at present. A new chapter awaits.

  • Russ wrote a new post, Act now. 2 weeks, 5 days ago

    Just now I wrote this to my neighbours and the estate freeholders, where I live. I can’t justify inconsiderate behaviour anymore, from anyone.

    Facebook was my medium of choice for my words.

    Dear B […]

    • Oh Russ, I am afraid I have to disagree with you on this one. I have a back garden so I can hang out my large size knickers (they are getting bigger as I age) without offending everyone. I always hang my washing out if the weather is fine and I wouldn’t dream of using a tumble if I had one. I put my thermostat on at 18 and if I am really cold I cover myself up with a duvet and make myself a hot water bottle. Growing up we had no central heating so my Mum always made us a hot water bottle when it was cold. I know where Brentford Lock is and I could think of nothing worse than seeing people’s washing put out on balconies etc. in the day time or any time. It would make the place look really common. It would like me putting my knickers out to dry in my front garden. Could you imagine it. Also you would get thieves pinching one’s knickers especially if they had a fetish for them. Love to you as always, Marge x x

      • Absolutely… there’s nothing worse than seeing someone’s pants blowing around in the wind, including the sea levels rising so far that millions die from tsunamis, with devastation to countless communities… I’d far rather be partly responsible for all those deaths than see your skid marked knickers Marge.

        • Excuse me my knickers don’t have skid marks you “Cheeky Git”…Luv Marge…. I have just come back from Brentford and did look to see if your pants were blowing in the wind on one of the balconies by Brentford Lock.

    • Russ, what is happening about your petition? As you know I am willing to drop everything, get my Buss Pass out and head over to your place. I am also willing to tie my knickers (clean ones) before you ask to the railings of your balcony. Also my friend Rose, who is a soldier in the Salvation Army would also be willing come with me. I don’t think she would go as far as I would and tie her knickers to the balcony as I don’t think she would be allowed to as she has signed the pledge. Luv Marge x x x The 235 from Feltham goes right past where you live….

      • Russ replied 2 weeks ago

        What if I used my origami skills to fold Rose a new G string out of a couple of sheets of The Warcry ? Would she tie her crusty old pair to a rifle bayonet and March for my cause, do you think Margie?

        • No Russy, I don’t think Rose would. She is very religious and often goes off in a trance on a Sunday morning and throws her arms up in the air when they mention God. I often have to duck in case she knocks me out. I daren’t swear in front of her because if I do she goes home and prays for me for weeks. Going out with her isn’t much fun either as it is like going out with a Nun. I went to the pictures with her the other week and I had to make sure there was no swearing or sex and violence in the film that we went to. I get a free pass as Philip worked at the Cinema all his life. It was really hard work not swearing in front of her or saying as I often do “Oh God”. I don’t know what she would make of your sense f humour. Love Margie x x Rose is a soldier and wears the uniform.

  • Russ wrote a new post, Stoke Mandeville 3 weeks ago

    I went to Stoke Mandeville hospital today, to the place I spent 8 months when first paralysed. Jeez, even the thought of the place gives me the shivers, such is the horrible association.

    However, I went, and […]

  • Russ wrote a new post, Awwwww 3 weeks ago

  • When I saw Rhod Gilbert ( comedian ) with Roy and Caroline the other night, my carer G came with me. The show was entitled The Book of John, and was basically about the all the daft ( albeit unintentional ) […]

    • I’m pretty sure that IQ doesn’t increase with age… but what do I know, right?!
      Rooster Russter.

  • I’m in court as an observer today.

    The first case features a moped rider using a cycle path ( though that doesn’t have seem to have been proven really) and then whether that person has committed an off […]

  • Thankfully courts are now recognising this.

    • Hi there, having ben brought up in a loving home where both my parents stayed together through thick and thin. When my Dad had a stroke and couldn’t do anything for himself until he died aged 54, my Mum looked after him and didn’t leave when the going was tough. I looked after my Philip as I have often said on here. I did everything for him even wiping his backside come the end when he couldn’t do anything for himself. I promised him in Church on our Wedding Day that I would look after him in “Sickness and in Health” and that is what I intended to do. I wouldn’t have walked away from him if someone had offered me a million pounds. I know one day your Girls will be able to think for themselves without someone doing it for them and hopefully realise that they do miss you. Love Margaret x x.

  • Russ wrote a new post, (no title) 3 weeks, 3 days ago

    This blimmin site will not download my wedding pictures… I don’t mean pictures of my wedding btw, I mean pictures that are mine of the wedding Wendy and I went to on Saturday.

    Moving on though… a friend o […]

  • Russ wrote a new post, (no title) 3 weeks, 5 days ago

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