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  • And the she/hé flounced out for the last time.
    Hé had actually had the front to shout at me – SAY SORRY OR I’LL LEAVE.

    Sorry for asking you to put out the pile of cardboard boxes, which I can’t do, and have […]

  • Russ wrote a new post, Still me? 1 day, 11 hours ago

    My lung capacity pre injury was a healthy 6 litres. Yesterday it measures at 2.7 litres.

    It’s no wonder I’m a bit short of breath and have no ability to speak loudly. I’m a real mess inside and out. […]

  • I saw my buddy from Uni on Friday. He has Grade 4 melanoma, and has 8% chance of another 3 and a half years. He looks really well tho, and feels well too.

    My situation or his? I’d choose his. I don’t know wha […]

  • In the morning i go for my pre op tests – blood tests etc – before they admit me on Monday.

    They don’t admit you the night before or anything, it’s just turn up and have a massive operation thèse days – whic […]

  • So I’m definitely having the surgery on the 24th, which is great.

    Plan is to admit for 2 weeks ( at least thats the current plan ! )

    Wellington Hospital in St Johns Wood.

  • In the interests of KeepingOnKeepingOn, despite my bloody top half feeling 2 inches out of line with my bottom half, Wendy and I ‘ braved ‘ the train, Tube, buses and pavements of London to see Garbage ( no, not […]

  • Thèse are my lungs as seen on a slice of CT scan  That splodge is the issue  He said ‘ it probably isn’t a tumour, but I’m not sure what it is….’ 

  • Russ wrote a new post, Wtf ? 1 week ago

    Is this a typo or is it PC gone fing mad?

    I hardly ever read the paper… but the last time I used to regularly i’m sure this kinda stuff wouldn’t have gone to print ?

    Men of childbearing age??? What???

  • Today I have lung function tests to see if I can breathe by myself through my surgery, or whether it’s best to put me on a respirator for the duration, in case I kick it suddenly. I use the phrase ‘ kick it ‘ l […]

    • Dawk, your sense of humour helps you cope.

    • I will be thinking of you on the 24th. it is a day after my Husband died a year ago. I can’t believe all the different emotions that I have been through over the past year. I have just finished 8 sessions of Counselling and the last session wasn’t what I had expected. I thought when I left he would say something like “I hope you get on OK” or something like that but he didn’t. He seemed to dismiss me. He left me feeling quite depressed the next day. Hope you don’t mind me hijacking your post but had to tell some one. Love to you Margaret x x x

      • Ahh dear Margaret,

        I’m so sad to read your words.
        Please can you tell me your husband’s name ?

        Russ x

        • Russ, my Husband’s name was Philip. Writing this makes me feel sad. I can’t believe it has been nearly a year ago since he died. They say time heals but it doesn’t. Some times I feel OK and think I am getting over it and then what happened with the Counsellor makes me feel depressed again. There have been a few times he has been a bit irritable about things I have said and I don’t know if that is part of the therapy or not. Perhaps on the last session if he had been quite friendly I would have missed having Counselling with him. At least the way he acted doesn’t make me want to see him again. Love to you Margaret x x x

          • Margaret,

            I don’t know… it doesn’t seem that appropriate that he was rude. I’m sure a sympathetic ear is more of a useful tactic.
            If you see him again, perhaps tell him he’s a shite counsellor?
            Philip – Lovely name.
            Id rather you referred to him by name in future.
            A year – of hurt . It’ll get easier, but you won’t forget him, let’s face it. Do dwell on the lovely memories as much as you can.

            • I have woken up this morning feeling a lot better. Yes he was rude and when i receive a questionnaire to fill in I will put what I think about him. You are very kind to take the trouble to answer back seeing as i had hi jacked your post Some days it is easy and i think i have got over all the pain then something comes along and knocks me for six. I will be thinking about you on the 24th and would like to come and see you when you get out of Hospital. Yes I will think about the good times Philip and I shared and I am lucky that my Son and Daughter in Law only live round the corner. Loving him was easy, losing him was hard. Love to you Margaret x x x

              • Margaret,
                As you are certainly no shrinking violet, I imagine you’ll write what you thought quite ‘ accurately’ ! Go on girl, you tell him straight. …
                We both know the nature of Up and Down days, and how sadness can strike very suddenly, and then pass for a while.
                Ride the sad days and wait for the sun to call out again.
                Invariably it does x

  • Not great reading, is it? The lump has moved significantly today and my posture shifted again  

    If they don’t do something quickly, i’m Pretty sure something drastic will occur, not that drastic things aren […]

    • You really go through it. I really admire your courage and you always seem to be cheerful even though sometimes I think you put on an act . Love to you as always Margaret x x x

  • Russ wrote a new post, (no title) 1 week, 4 days ago

    Today I took delivery of  a little Chinese wheelchair attachment that makes getting round indoors far easier. It’s like a little kid’s scooter attached to the front of Me.

    Id asked the person who sold it to m […]

  • Lordy… so good to see so many friends in such a short space of time.

    Maybe in order of how long I’ve known them…?

    Leigh ( and Bev )

    Hartley n Melissa

    Chris (n Caroline)

    Damien and S […]

  • So… still waiting for definite confirmation of what’s happening next to me, surgically, but hanging in there ok, and trying to really limit moving too much tbh!
    To move even less than I normally do isn’t too […]

  • Ha! Looks very “on trend”, all metrosexual and multicultural… be careful … don’t ‘alienate’ your readers! Oops, NB to self… he couldn’t give a 🐀‘s arse 🤣🤣
    Hope you’re “padding” those lumpy prominences if yo […]

  • Whilst thinking that an Alien or 2 were about to burst out of the lumps in my back…
    Another Alien appeared before me – here I am, on the Tube with Mr Spock.

  • Jeez – you should see the state of my bones and metalwork – like Swiss cheese with skewers poked in, and a fair few of those skewers broken or pulling out.

    I have one screw which has ground a hole in the bone ( […]

  • That look normal to you then ?

    Given it wasn’t there a few days ago, and it feels like metal under the skin…

  • Bloody sharp lump is alarming for sure, but im going out anyway.. surgeon isn’t advising staying in so I won’t then.


    Something cultural tonight..

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