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  • Russ wrote a new post, (no title) 3 minutes ago

    In reply to Sky.

    As I am not welcome in her home any longer I have the difficulty of getting somewhere to stay, after traveling alone to london. It’s all fraught with complications and things can go wrong v […]

  • I came back to Britain, for a skin cancer appointment that then got cancelled.

    Ashley and I met up with my parents and then went to see a band in central London. It was held in a Gay Club in town, my first ever […]

    • It would seem not.
      Very sad for me.

    • As I am not welcome in her home any longer I have the difficulty of getting somewhere to stay, after traveling alone to london. It’s all fraught with complications and things can go wrong very very easily.
      I would seem to now be a bad person, having been an amazing one only yesterday.
      Ashley is a recovering/ recovered drug addict. I know they see the world differently to other people.
      Discussions aren’t easy. All modes of conversation are labelled by those that have been in therapy.
      Therefore I am apparently-
      Playing the victim
      Being passive aggressive
      Being controlling
      Being manipulative
      Being on my pity pot
      Playing the disabled card
      Being angry
      Needing therapy
      Twisting everything
      Being selectively forgetful in my memory
      Using people
      Apparently I think I’m a saint and everyone else is to blame for everything.
      There are a lot of other things that I apparently do too but I can’t remember them all.
      Im sure this is great ammunition for anyone who needs justification not to like me, but hey, I’m happy to talk about it, as I do about everything else, in this diary.
      Ive learned another lesson.
      It’s back to the drawing board and finding a girl.
      At least I now have this list of faults that I can hand over.
      I might prepare a leaflet so I can hand it over to potential dates.
      It’s very sobering to realise I’m as bad as all that, but I guess it must be true, right?

      Im sure thé action of writing this will merit another unpleasant label from my former lover, and I’ll tell you what it is once I know.

  • Sirs,

    My name is Russell Dawkins and today I am Travelling on Easyjet flight EZY2018 to Luton, scheduled at 16.00.
    I have travelled here frequently before my paralysis in 2013, and since, in my wheelchair.
    I […]

  • But please don’t shoot ( over ) the messenger!

    Spit or swallow, it’s definitely a personal choice, but the facts are that swallowing your partner’s cum is actually good for you!
    Whats so good about Semen? […]

  • So it’s the Royal Wedding today, I’ve just found out! Brilliant stuff – just got it on the telly now.

    I’m a bit confused to be honest though. All these people are talking about the Prince marrying a black lady? […]

    • Wow, you’re cooking! But seriously, redheads appear regularly among peoples all over the world, including black people – it’s a gene mutation.

      Red hair came to Europe from the Iranic-speaking steppe tribes whoinhabited the areas north of and around the Black Sea from 4,000 years agoto the 6th century, when they were replaced by the Slavs whose predominanthair color is shades of brown and dark blonde.

      The answer is the ginger gene shows up in people of many ethnicities. It’s agene. Neanderthals had it, early Homo Sapiens, and it’s found all over theworld, but mostly in the depigmented zone that had the severest Ice Age.

    • Hello there I think you need to have your eyes tested. Love Margaret x x

  • …. on the impact of cycle lanes in London, to the elderly and the disabled.

    I had to abandon my attempt and instead write in… see below.

    Dear Sirs/ TfL

    I have just tried to complete your (smart) […]

  • The first day that my help cycled alongside me, he was struggling a lot after the first hill; in fact on the first hill ( half a mile after we had started ) he was in trouble.

    A week on and today we have a 20 […]

    • My Mum used to say “If you can’t beat them, join them” and a lot of other wise words – some not repeatable. Glad you are reasonably OK. Love to you Margaret x x

  • Russ wrote a new post, 🙂 1 week, 2 days ago

    My help said something today. He said that ‘ living with me reminded him of his school holidays’.  The cycling, the every day being different, the never keeping still’ ness to it. He’s getting fitter by the day, […]

  • So my shoulder is better than it was, and I’ve avoided stressing it at all, having some common sense when it comes to that sort of thing. My policy with injured bits has always been to do everything with them t […]

  • The amazing off road Segfree- with me on 2 days ago.

    Yesterday i got a little more adventurous ( like you do – or is it just me that always does that ? ) and went exploring a bit. We’ll surely that’s the poi […]

  • Blimey, I’ve seen the light. Having a Male Carer, is by far the most sensible thing I’ve done since my injury. I’m not sure i can ever revert to a lady again.

    I probably should have known all along that this […]

  • Russ wrote a new post, Friday 1am. 2 weeks, 1 day ago

    My new help has started, and  I’m ok, all things considered.

    The spasms have been a bit much, I’ve had more mechanical complications with equipment, but hey, I’ve had worse.

    Ashley has made a big differ […]

    • You are really a lovely person and I am not just saying that. You are an inspiration and you have helped me just to go on some days. Love to you Margaret x x

  • From a piece by someone who has actually tried the new iBot!

    Kim and I made the 90-minute drive from South Portland to Manchester, so I could try out one of their prototypes. The new iBOT is a thing of beauty. […]

  • Russ wrote a new post, Not easy. 2 weeks, 3 days ago

    I can cope with a fairly sleepless few days, but not so well when I get really bad spasms as well. Of course it may be the lack of sleep that makes the spasms worse, which then prevents me sleeping ( and so on etc […]

  • Russ wrote a new post, Good! 2 weeks, 3 days ago

    Im travelling back to portugal 🇵🇹 today, this time having engaged a MALE carer. I reckon that’s almost certainly a great thing for me – you know, men are a bit easier, aren’t they…?

    This having a carer mala […]

  • Anita and I. 

  • Russ wrote a new post, (no title) 2 weeks, 4 days ago

    I seem to have injured my right arm in the gym, doing too much. This is something I’ve been really careful about avoiding, as once your arms are buggered, you are left with little. I’m sure it’s not that bad, […]

  • Tonight Ashley  and I are going to see Reef ( band ) in Hammersmith, after seeing my lovely friends Toby and Cressida first.

    Massive thanks again to Lester for today’s iBot batteries work, and to Marky P for hi […]

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