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  • Russ wrote a new post, 1 hour, 50 minutes ago

    I’m very aware that I’ve not posted anything for a while. That’s because I’ve been holding my breath and steeling myself for the inevitable – that inevitability being that something bad is going to happen. […]

  • Russ wrote a new post, True 1 week ago

    “Why I’m divorced.” Written by a man.

    I went downstairs for breakfast hoping my wife would be pleasant and say, ‘Happy Birthday,’ and possibly have a small present for me.

    As it turned out, she barely s […]

  • Happy Christmas and Charity to All…..?

    Well not exactly, not in Chiswick anyway? Just before Christmas I wheeled up to a cash point machine on Chiswick High Road. As my hands were cold I dropped a card from […]

    • Dawk, there has always be a lack of Humanity in Society. Some have never heard the mantra ‘Do unto others as you would like done to yourself’. These people on Chiswick High are insensitive and oblivious to their failings. They will never learn and grow as people.

  • I’m glad I have so many lovely people in my life, that care enough to reach out a hand.

    You know who you are, and without you I’d be lost sometimes.

    Thanks most of all to Wendy of course.


  • As usual ‘ highs’ are countered by lows in my life. Something good is invariably obliterated by something negative, and that’s what’s happening now, with resultant psychological wrecking ball consequ […]

    • Russ, I really feel for you. I start to feel positive and then something else comes along to punch me in the face once again. Perhaps you could share what has happened. Love as always. Margaret x x

  • Russ wrote a new post, 2018/19 2 weeks, 1 day ago

    Thank you to the lovely Wendy for making Christmas 2018 the best that I’ve had for quite some time. I’m not quite sure what she sees in me but I know what I see in her… what a lovely girl she is in every way […]

  • Really brilliant Christmas dinner last night in my flat. Lots of lovely friends came, and also Tommy Cooper from the dead – yep true.

    Thanks to Chris H for interrupting his world tour by plane and bus to be […]

    • Fabulous knowing you and Wendy had a fabulous time together with friends.
      Happy for you Russ you have the ibot which I expect can make you taller than most. Really pleased things are coming together with you.

      Love you loads
      Aunty Wendy and John

  • As well as my iBot, I received my solid tyres yesterday for my regular wheelchair. The upside is NO MORE PUNCTURES/PUMPS/REPAIRS. Brilliant! The downside is getting the bloody things on the wheels. They are […]

  • Russ wrote a new post, Weyhey! 3 weeks, 6 days ago

    Not wasting any time, I went in my PhoenixiBot to the O2 last night with Wendy, to see Nile Rodgers and Chic. That guy has sold 55 million song items that he’s contributed to. That makes him pretty successful t […]

  • Russ wrote a new post, The resurrection. 4 weeks ago

    And the iBot lives on, born again, risen like a ( flightless ) Phoenix from the ashes. Today I went with G to Morrison’s ( no less ) and bought some potatoes. So high was I that I couldn’t reach low enough to pic […]

  • Russ wrote a new post, Good grief. 4 weeks, 1 day ago

    Unaccustomed as I am to pretty much anything going well, I am fairly gobsmacked when the iBot charger that I found in America, bought, paid to be shipped, and eventually got through customs, is actually charging […]

  • Russ wrote a new post, For Rob 4 weeks, 1 day ago

    Tiger tiger burning bright
    Who set Chester Zoo alight?

    Work that into your blog, said my mate Rob.
    There you go Rob.

    Chester zoo caught fire and the cockroaches and frogs are no more. But all life is equal, right?

  • Well shut your eyes and she sounds like Lily Allen.  Open em and you see a white Beyoncé- all trouser suit, stilettos and waist length hair.  When did THAT happen? Does ‘ she look amazing ‘ or has she totall […]

  • Russ wrote a new post, Ffs 1 month ago

    I have yet another puncture and I’m currently by myself miles from home. A fella used my pump to reinflate it but it went down straight away. As I’ve checked the bloody tyre and wheel again and again I’m sure […]

  • Russ wrote a new post, Last night. 1 month ago

    It’s too bloody cold to go by road so it’s wheelchair Spazwagon time of the year for me. Wendy isn’t the greatest fan of driving in London but you can’t blame her for that. 

    Anyway, you gotta do what you gott […]

  • Russ wrote a new post, Merry Christmas. 1 month ago

    I got a phone call at 8am this morning, and heard an unfamiliar voice, that of my youngest daughter. She said that she was at the airport and the plane to South Africa was leaving in 20 minutes. If I didn’t send h […]

    • Russ, you are a nicer person than I am. I wouldn’t have sent it. Love to you Margaret x x

    • As my dear Mum used to say “I don’t mind people shitting on me as long as they don’t come back and rub it in. Your ex Wife has certainly done that many times. Love Margaret x x

  • Russ wrote a new post, Psssssstttt 1 month ago

    Five or six punctures in a month. Every time it’s a showstopper for me. It’s not like I can jump off and push, or jump off to change the inner tube, so it’s always fairly complicated and I need another perso […]

  • Russ wrote a new post, Thank you. 1 month ago

    I’d like to thank my girlfriend, Wendy, for her unerring support in general and  yesterday in the Court. What a lovely lady she is.

    And also to thank my parents for their strong moral encouragement and help, too.


  • Russ wrote a new post, True 1 month ago

    I went on a course the other day. At the end everyone was asked to write down their name and then other details.

    I glanced to my right to see the ( German ? ) lady next to me writing  Silke Busch…

    Is it […]

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