A Tuesday.

Had the best homemade curry today from my Uni buddy, Chris Bennfors. 

What a great mate Chris has been, especially demonstrated since this happened. 
He was the second person I met at Uni, was an usher at my wedding, and ever since, with Caroline his wife, he’s been a loyal mate to me. 
Going back so far, we’re able to talk about a lot of things. 
Conversations these days are unlike those of the past, more open, more honest, more frank; not just with Chris, but with pretty much everyone I see. 
People now open up and talk so freely about topics they wouldn’t have before. 
Interesting that, isn’t it?
Lisa came this evening, bringing great food and more wine. Given there’s a no alcohol policy here, it’s a wonder I haven’t been kicked out yet. 
I had a sex education lecture too. I asked if they had any videos. 
She sort of ignored the question ! 🙂
Thanks to Sel and Helen for coming to update me on how our business is doing, in my absence. 
Work in the short term isn’t that likely, but  I’ll get there in due course, once I’ve  mastered getting into a car, packing my chair in it, driving, and doing the same in reverse the other end… Then actually doing my job.
Sorry guys for the inconvenience I’ve caused you. 
But I’ll try to make it up to you. 

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