A text message from someone who just found it…


How are you? . . . I read your blog.
So sorry. . . Didn’t know you’ve been through all that xx
Thank God you’re still here!!!
Hugs xxxxx
Don’t mean to sound depressing
Or just appear out of the blue like a nosey weirdo lol
but I couldn’t believe it when my colleague told me.
You’re still doing really amazing things though, more than most people.
Just want you to know that I’m really inspired by your courage and your perseverance.
You made a difference to me in my life because you were my supervisor during my pre reg DO and that was the first rung of my career ladder. . .
Not that I’ve climbed up many more since then lol
Just loafing around as a locum xx
But still, point is you mean so much to people around you.
Hope to keep in touch with you and I will check in to your blog to keep up with your stuff.( Like a nosey weirdo )
P’s you still look the same, what face cream do you use? xx
You’re probably fed up of messages like these, hopefully it will put a smile on your face and remind you of your extreme importance
Lots of love xxxxx

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