A stay of e..

After an incredibly interesting and long discussion with a psychiatrist today,  we decided that it was in the interest of myself to delay my leaving here until Sunday.

That avoids various complicated scenarios that may otherwise arise.

District nurse availability and a paid for help with washing and dressing  is my immediate future, indeed barring a miracle my long term future too.

But hey, worse things happen to people, I’ve finally realised.

It’ ll be lovely to hopefully see a fair bit of my daughters ( who do of course have their own lives ) and I will have mine too, with a fair few fantastic friends that I know I can rely on, all of whom have their own busy lives to lead.

I can’t do anything that active that will stress my last chance fixation for 3-4 months at least, and possibly up to a year, so I’ll have to use my regained brain to compensate for my further losses.

As mentioned before, various legal situations are alive and active, so they’ll keep me focussed, but not down!

Brilliant to see Cherie and Leigh Jones, my school buddy, who is a lot wiser than he looks.

Thank God.

( that was a back handed compliment – to an extremely talented sportsman, particularly tennis player )

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