A sad day if you are from Pontypool.


And if Pontypool had a cathedral then this man’s funeral would be held in it. The pews would be full, the aisles would be full, the roads leading to it would be lined with mourners, and the tears shed would swell the Afon Lwyd ( the river that runs through Pontypool).

The hymns sung would not raise the rafters, they’d blow the roof right off and send it into orbit.

And I don’t exaggerate, not in the slightest.
That mass funerals aren’t currently allowed hasn’t affected anyone’s funeral in Britain as much as it will affect Pross’s.

I had the honour of playing for the team under him, and can remember his voice and his smile like it was yesterday.

4 thoughts on “A sad day if you are from Pontypool.

  1. He was Mr Pontypool in every sense, not only rugby but as a “Pontypudlian” as he would call himself.

    If you watch the video documentary he did (late 80s with Martin Williams) he said his biggest rugby achievement was not the Lions, or Wales, but running out onto Pontypool Park with “that” jersey on his back, a jersey he would have gladly paid to wear.

    Another tale from him was how wherever he’s been with Wales or Lions, as soon as he saw the Clarence Hotel, he knew he was home………..

    Just got some dust in my eyes xx

  2. Very true sentiments Russ….Pross was Mr Pontypool through and through…so good to hear that they will now rename the stand at Pontypool Park after him “The Ray Prosser Stand”. Not many amateur club sides of that era, used to have people turn up to watch them train…not only to watch the many internationals and British Lions training…but also to hear and laugh at the very colourful language that Pross was reknowned for.

  3. Up in the skies he’ll be debating with my Dad the demise of Pontypool RFC from their halcyon days when they both played for sure.

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