A response. A good one too.

I just read the blog. Do you want to do the race again? I think you need to really ask yourself not if it is possible- that is a different question- but if you would really like to do it again. We do extreme things- that’s what we do. Why? Push the boundaries, push ourselves, bragging rights, sanity. You can’t tell me and I would never accept a statement that something, anything is impossible. Nothing is impossible. We are only constrained by the barriers we decide exist. Cut it out. Consider this one year in many when you’re not pissing Dani off!

If the same thing happened to Dani or your girls you would do the same for them. Shit you are not a vegetable. You are far less dependent in them now than 9 mos ago.

It’s OK to be disappointed but don’t be discouraged. It was your mind and determination that put you in every one of these extreme pursuits. You’re in the most extreme pursuit ever attempted right at this very moment. It’s at these most trying times of any race or pursuit when you have to ask yourself the question and dig really really deep.

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