A plan.

My friend ( Clair ) suggested that as a ‘coping strategy’ I write here on my blog about funny things that have happened to me in the past.

As I’m not feeling altogether cheerful, it will probably affect how I recount stuff, but I’ll have a go.

If you find something funny, please tell me.

That’ll at least justify my having made the effort.

3 thoughts on “A plan.

  1. Tell the world about dancing down the village main street with your trousers tucked into your socks on St David’s Day. I have no doubt you can be funny about that. 😀 And you never know – some mean old sod might even have photos! (No, not me.)

    1. Ah Lisa,if only that was where it ended.
      Morris dancing as a school child in Wales was compulsory, walking down the street 30 years later, wearing only one sock ( if you get me ) was voluntary.

      1. I think something similar happened on a ski trip once. But as Alwyn will testify: what happens in Bulgaria stays in Bulgaria. 😉

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