A nice thing to say! Texts…

I’m watching Pride Of Britain awards….so inspiring…I’m in tears….if it was up to me you would be a winner too x

Really ?
Thats lovély of you.
But what would I win for ??

For everything you’ve overcome. For everything you are overcoming. For getting up every day with the intention of making it a fun day. For still believing that love is possible. And for being a twat some of the time.

Love the last bit! ❤️

I hearby present you with the Pride Of Britain Award 🥇
You fill me with pride (sometimes) 😉

4 thoughts on “A nice thing to say! Texts…

  1. I’m proud of you for harnessing your innate qualities (see how I got around having to use a swear word? 🙂 ) and doing some very positive things.

  2. I think you deserve an award. What ever you have had thrown at you and there has been a lot since your accident you always manage to bounce back and get on with things You have been an inspiration and to me and I should think every one that reads your blogs. I am not just saying that. Margaret xx

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