A message from Voj, who danced like a God.

Dearest Russ,

Oh what a night..

The support was incredible. My fellow dancers were incredible. Dani getting all her fellow dancers drunk backstage was incredible. And then there’s the reason we were all there. Mr Incredible himself. You.

I said at the start, that doing this for your charity was apt as the last time I saw you before your accident was at the jubilant Justers’ wedding and we were indulging in topless dancing (along with Adam, but he doesn’t count as he is always topless and often bottomless). If only *that* girl that demanded only I put my shirt back on was there on Saturday night… She probably would have voted for one of the others as well..

Still, I feel I can say on behalf of all the other participants that it was an awesome event to be a part of. It’s inspiring to see the charity growing further and helping more and more people under such difficult circumstances.

It feels a bit weird and guilty at times that we can all have such a good time, ultimately as a result of your atrocious luck. But if ever your fun loving spirit was encapsulated and celebrated then Saturday night was just that. And if I have to keep dancing with hot women for you Russ, then I’m always here to help.

Keep inspiring us brother.

Onto the next one,

Voj x

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