A message from my school buddy. :)

Hiya buddie,

Thank you for sending me this, you are a natural mate…..as you usually are. Just think how much enjoyment you brought to all seeing you try and achieve, and when you stop and think about it how proud you made yourself feel too.

Remember from our scary rides down Pontypool slope, it’s not how you get down it’s being brave enough to launch yourself off the top and enjoy the ride down, whilst avoiding the tree at the bottom or going arse over tit like Mike Jenkins after lifting off on a jump that ever existed…ha ha.

Every day at a time and you will be OK.

As an aside, am purring my way through the book about Pontypool RFC and am loving the contributions from your Dad……….and as Eddie Mogford would possibly say ” f..king get yourself back up that mountain ya poof”

Big love big man

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