A message from Dan White.

Ladies and Gentlemen – Let’s get ready to rumble (again)!!


Yes, we’re going again……….after a magnificent event in March 2014 and an amazing follow up with our December Strictly extravaganza, we are aiming to raise the bar yet higher with our 2nd annual white-collar boxing event. We have 16 new volunteers currently under training for the challenge of their lives – 3 x 2 minute rounds of boxing, in front of a baying crowd (if last year was anything to go by.) We are aiming to surpass the 1200 tickets we sold last year and raise some significant funds for our Charity to help Russ and other victims of spinal injuries. Russell is currently in the USA on a 5 month clinical trial, which investigates the effect of electrical current stimulation on paralysed parts of the body, which sounds about as much fun as being water-boarded, but he will be flying back to be with us on the night. For more information on Russ and the Charity:
This year I will not be fighting, so you won’t have to put up with that, but I can promise you some great fights including KGPS Dad, Martyn “kid” Berg at 85kg and Sam “Anton du Bek” Devito at 70kg. Not against each other, of course. That wouldn’t be fair. On Martyn.
Those of you who came last year shouldn’t need much encouragement to buy tickets, but for the benefit of those that didn’t here’s a bit about the night – it’s £30 a ticket + booking fee, for that you get to sit at a pre-allocated table of ten, although I should point out, that last year pretty much everyone was on their feet all night, food can be purchased from our award-winning Street Food vendors and alcohol from numerous bars around the dome. There’s no need to dress up much, unless you want to. Last year we had George Groves, Jonny Nelson, Adrian Chiles and James Cracknell in attendance. It’s an a brilliant night and if you don’t believe me watch this:
It’s very easy to book tickets, just click on this link and follow the instructions:
Even I could understand it. If you just want a ticket or two, book as an individual or, maybe, set up a table of ten? You can password protect your table so people you don’t like or are of the wrong type, can’t join you! How cool is that? Unfortunately, no-one remains at their table, so that doesn’t help much. In fact, personally, I wouldn’t worry too much about what table you’re on as it only serves as somewhere to leave your coat, but some of you will worry won’t you?
As last year, you won’t be hassled with an auction or a raffle, just watching good old-fashioned, semi-controlled violence for your entertainment. And for a good cause.
If you’re supporting a particular fighter, you can join one of his tables or make your own one up, for example, if you are supporting Martyn “Kid” Berg, an unlikely event I will admit, click join a Group and search for Berg. If, more likely, you’re supporting his opponent, click “Bruno”.
Incidentally, for the avoidance of doubt, I spoke to Tasha, Martyn’s wife yesterday and she asked “are they allowed to punch to the face”, to which the answer is yes. And maybe you should speak to Martyn……



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