A message from a true ‘on line’ friend .

Hi Russell.
I have just been catching up on your blog. I was reading your piece to Morgan & was awe struck. I knew you were ridiculously active pre accident but I had no clue that you had achieved so much. It certainly made me appreciate why you struggle at times with your personal “moments”. But you know Russ a person who has tackled the physical challenges that you “list” must also be incredibly mentally strong……. Sooo mentally strong. Which is what you obviously are, I’m know you struggle everyday & maybe always will but I still believe it will get easier. It will be your mental strength which is innately Russell that will get you to a comfortable zone. Along with the love & support of your family & friends.
We have not met, I hope that we do sooner or later but I just love your spirit, strength, sense of humour & intelligence. I marvel at where you are after less than a year it is quite remarkable. That’s why you must write a book, it will be funny with out doubt but I see it as a message to others who too may be in a situation they far from expected, folks that need hope, encouragement & to be brave. All the things that are you to pass on to others !!
Jane x

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