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Morning Russ

While I sit here Christmas morning and eagerly await my teenage boys to wake up, gone are the days of 5am opening stockings now I’m the one who gets up and can’t sleep being more excited about our day than they are!

I have read your blog today.  A year ago we were in Westport at Clair’s spinning class about this time on Christmas morning.  We should have made our trip a year later and could have been together in Vermont we stayed in Ludlow which as I remember was very close to Alwyn and Nadia’s beautiful home.

I’m feeling all your frustrations – what a year.  I know you are tired of us trying to make it better.  You know you have rediscovered your adoring family.
So now instead of making Dani a cuppa in bed and rushing off to kayak, get a teasmade (probably today it’s George Clooney nespresso) and relax in bed with Dani.  Those amazing daughters have always been there now you can savour every moment with them they grow up so fast blink and you would have missed it, you may have slowed down but at least you can enjoy every second you are with them.  Their love for you is even stronger and deeper, Richard lost his dad around their age in an accident and says how he misses him still, they have their dad doesn’t matter to them a bit if you are different it’s the same dad they adore.

I can imagine how tired you are.  Manhattan at Christmas is crazy it exhausted us all those crowds and waiting for the lights to change to cross endless roads.  Imagine how that fresh mountain air is going to make you tired after breathing hospital air for 6 months, let the family enjoy their activities and if you get to do your sitski all the better if not it’s for another time no rush.  Meanwhile continue to work on those familiar pecs and biceps I saw in one of your recent photos.

Have a wonderful Christmas day with all your family around you say hello from us.  I can picture that inviting fireplace in their exquisite living room.  I shall be thinking of you today as always.  And by the way can you send Dani down the liquor store to pick up the bottle of wine we didn’t bring to Alwyn’s last year please.

Get yourself safely back to London and see you then.

Big hugs
Trudy x

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