A message.

Have a great time in America 
Must be Magic… ! Prince Charles, Hollywood A listers, the Beckham’s …they all love Dynamo the Magician 
Look on YouTube !
Russ, yr positive comments this week are loved by all. They will feed your family with even more love to their Dad & husband and we all hope that you now fully are signed up to the Russ comeback comingfrom the darkside …keep coming 
Go to America with a smile, 6 months ago you died ……welcome back, stay with us and grab the future. 
The Teasdales
I know its easy from our side of this pond Russ but all I/we/your friends say is true. Grab this chance Russ …Let the Force be with you !
Forget all the pressure, problems and worries…have a laugh in the US of A ! You and your family are in need of it. Make it their best Christmas ever ! 

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