A message.

I ‘belong’ to a club – all members are SCI

We haven’t as a rule met in person, but we are there for eachother.

It’s one of the plus points of that ‘ social media’ thing…

I got this message. I have met this man, just the once, about 2 1/2 years ago.

Hello Russ I have heard the awful news that your in a bad way at the moment. I just wanted to say that you always cause such a stir because so many people care about you. I cannot go into how your family feel because this is not my place but the people you have come to meet since. I have been bombarded with messages to help you like I’m God?? Wtf do they think I can do?? Anyway our thoughts go out to you and your family and please get better and show people what a clever funny fucker you really are!! Much love x

I was very touched to read it.

1 thought on “A message.

  1. There you are Russ. Confirms what I’ve said. People DO love you. I have never met you but it appears to me that all members of the very exclusive SCI group love each other.xx

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