A message.

Hey Russy Wussy,

Just read your blog from Wednesday……

I really felt for you last week, moving house and the emotional wrench that must have gone with that…..far more than just moving house, I know.

I can’t believe you have had to face yet more adversity, how terrifying and how much more do you need to go through? What was the cause in the end as it definitely sounded like annaphylatic shock but obviously not to the nuts….maybe you were stung by something that you are allergic to without realising? Dreadful to see how your lovely face reacted too…. 🙁 Did the docs give you an epi pen in case it happens again?

I think you are off to the states soon? Hopefully this dreadful run of luck will end with something hugely positive from your trip. God knows, you, Dani. Lily and Amber deserve that.

Thinking of you all and as ever sending you all of my love and positive thoughts and willing things to just get better for you.

Loads and loads of love xxxxx

PS you wrote in your text that you felt guilt for your accident and subsequent affect on the family. You shouldn’t, anymore than you would expect anyone to feel guilty for getting cancer. You were touched by a dreadful hand of fate and you never invited any of this. You certainly don’t need to feel anything other than proud of yourself for the way you have handled your life since 14th June 2013. xxxxxxxxxx

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