A ‘ guide to online dating ‘ for hapless, unsuspecting males, who think like me.

Steer clear of women who-

1.Meditate  – but  get extrêmely stressy if you dare to inadvertently interrupt in any way – surely that shows that the meditation really isn’t working..
2.Take max dose antidepressants
3.Actually believe seriously in Feng Shui
4. Believe in Meta Physics
5.Are single and have more than 2 cats
6.Are always too busy to exercise, but are clearly not too busy to eat too much
7.Keep repeating the same slightly pathetic excuse for not ‘ coping with my wheelchair ‘
8.Don’t wash – as in thinking that ‘ cave woman aroma’ when naked is what men want.

9. Who are married
10. Who think walking anywhere  is a chore, rather than a wonderful physical ability
11. Who can’t exercise without ‘ a personal trainer ‘
12.Who talk about how tired they are, a lot.
13.Whose default is to see the negative in an overall positive situation.
14.Who are very quick to ‘ offer advice and life coaching ‘ despite not appearing to have made any real success of their own lives ( and are patently unhappy ).

And the main one –

16.🔔🔔🔔 Side very quickly with any female at all, in all hypothetical scenarios! ❎💥💣

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