A few responses to my earlier post.

D’you know Russ…I’m actually quite reassured to see you being a bit blue today. Regardless of what Americans might like us to think, all this never ending positivity is not healthy. If you’re laughing everyone feels more comfortable right? It’s hard to be with someone you care about if they are crying. Our instinct is to fix things and right now…we can’t….better to offer a punchline and get you smiling than let you just ‘be’…..sometimes – absolutely – but not always. It’s ok to feel sorry for yourself.

You’re honest insight is making all of us better people. 

By the way – NEVER read a comments page. If I read the comments at the base of every article I write, I’d have given up writing and become a school caretaker, shuffling about in an overcoat and daring not to look up at anyone.It’s hard – but if you put yourself on that there big fat internet thing, this will ALWAYS happen. I bet even Mandela had more than his fair share of anonymous sniping twats too.


I always love the Maya Angelou quote: “People don’t remember what you say. They remember how you made them feel.” Thinking of you makes us smile. It always did. It always will. That’s why you are so utterly wonderful.
Ps…Im enormously flattered that I managed to get so many different words for vagina on your site.

And another:

hello my friend
I pick up all kinds of stuff from your blog from pubic grooming trends to the complexities of bowel hygiene and life as a paraplegic.
I laugh a lot, I often cry, I always admire your openness and honesty.
I have never felt that you are arrogant
I often wonder why people like ‘Babs M’ say stuff like that as it is hurtful and I suspect it will stay with you a while. I think it is because s/he is unhappy and aggrieved and has not been ‘heard’ or acknowledged (in the way that s/he sees that your blog is allowing you to be?). Anyway, s/he will think what s/he wants  – probably irrespective of what you say. Perhaps you could channel Mandela and respond with compassion : invite him/her to come and have a cuppa with you?
Whatever – please don’t change,
love and respect

Who is this Babs lady? What’s her issue? Don’t let her get to you xx


Darling you are anything but arrogant! Strong, courageous, inspiring, determined and FUN are a few words to spring to my mind! Ignorant- that’s Babs M who they bloody are, please don’t let someone who clearly has no clue about who you are upset you! I’d like to see how they cope in your situation. 
Rant over, how are you? I’m currently sitting in the uni library trying to motivate my self to write my proposal, I turned to your blog for inspiration! 
Big hug xxxx
Ps: tell Bab m if they have a problem come and talk to me #dontmesswithpregnanthormonalwomen

2 thoughts on “A few responses to my earlier post.

  1. Reveal yourself Babs. If this is your opinion of someone who is inspiring the rest of us with his humility, humour and dignity, own what you say, and enlighten us all with your insight and your identity

    PS That is me in my profile pic giving a dolphin a “bunch o fives”! AND by the way, THAT IS HUMOUR!

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