A few more days

… Before we move out of our house, the one I thought I’d never leave, my perfect home.

Near the river, easy access leaving London, amazingly organised shed and attic full of sporting kit – kayaks, stand up paddle board, paddles, skis, rollerskis, skates, bikes, canoe machine etc etc- all unusable now and probably for ever.

My life laid out in the garden before me, asked to choose – keep/ give away/ throw away. To say I found it hard, well that would be understating it.

20 years of memories and experiences, all intertwined with these objects , not inanimate to me

I have this thought going around my head – well what if I’m cured? Don’t I need to keep this stuff? Is that just a stupid notion, or should I hang on to it?

I’ve toyed with, and been offered the option of being carried up and around the house . One last look. The last time JUNE 2013

Is it better to just have the memory of how it was, in my head? Ive no idea, frankly, of what I want, but time is running out fast to decide.

I think I’ll ask Amber to walk around with her camera and video it for posterity.

Other stuff… I’ve been in touch with Re Walk, the people who make Robo exoskeleton suits. I’ll meet with them in due course, maybe January. The wheelchair is increasingly depressing me as a lifestyle accessory, so want another option. Dan says I’m built like Robocop, so may as well go the whole way.

We went to see Kate Bush on Friday, her comeback sold out London tour. Viewed from the Disabled section of the Hammersmith Apollo… With various other people, only me in a wheelchair though.

I was more than dismayed to see Kate, in my head 8 stone of balletic, ethereal grace…..now stomping around the stage with all the dance step imagination of me, at 15, in a disco in Pontypool.

Shes worth a cool £33 million- not beyond affording a gym membership/ personal trainer/ even just a pair of trainers?

Its been some time since she’s run up that road, let alone that hill.

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