A different experience

Last night we watched a film ( I get Lovefilm by Post so you get films sent to you, lots of which aren’t yet available to stream by services like Netflix )

Going only by the picture on the front ( man in Space suit ) I ordered ‘ Interstellar ‘.

Far from it being a frivolous action adventure in orbit, it was about the death of mankind on Earth. So hardly upbeat, or that child friendly.

Dani and Amber sat either side of me, Amber cuddling into me and me giving Dani a head and shoulder massage with my one good hand.

We had tea and some After Eights as well.

We missed Lily, but were otherwise united as a family, doing what families are supposed to do.

None of us were doing anything significant, but at the same time it was massively significant that we were happy doing nothing at all except appreciating eachother.

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