A diagnosis?

It looks like I have a UTI.

Having not had one for 4 months, I hadn’t really thought about that too much. The presence of lots of nitrates in my urine made it likely that I have an infection, the doctor that eventually came performing  various tests, including a ‘ dip test ‘ on my urine.

My blood sugar level was 10.6, moderately high in itself,  but not given that I’d just eaten something. I need a ‘ fasting test’ to confirm.

One 500mg of amoxicillin and I already feel better… thank God ( or Fleming ) for antibiotics. ( My new brain then required me to remind myself of the date of discovery of antibiotics  – 1928 ) No wonder the mortality rate in wars used to be so high, without any means of treating infections.

The ridiculously dry mouth that I have could well be the side effect of my numerous medications, which the doctor suggested I reduce where possible ( In my case specifically Oxybutinin, which reduces bladder spasms and peeing myself…. so swapping a dry mouth for dry trousers then …? ) So demanding of me to expect both, it would seem.

I don’t have much going on in the daytimes, this week coming, so I need to think of things to do. I’m a bit limited by my current situation to only things in the afternoons… but all suggestions welcome. I’ve not received my free bus pass or Taxi card, but it’s someone to give me a push that I need most.






1 thought on “A diagnosis?

  1. So glad you got the help. It did cross my mind that it could have been a hit. They can make you feel you are away with the fairies.
    Doc is probably right about meds and the dry mouth. Oxybutynin is a classic one for that.
    Couple of things that may help that I have done Russ. Buy yourself a urine testing kit from Amazon. They do the sample bottles separately too.
    It may be worth speaking to your rehab centre about changing oxybutynin to another.
    And I’m wagging my finger at you now…and telling you ask the DN for a fasting blood test. Soonest. 🙂

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