A description.

I don’t think people know what it actually ‘ feels like to be paralysed from the chest down, as I am, so I thought I’d try to explain.

Being paralysed from the chest down feels like being stuck in quicksand up to your chest.

It feels like that all of the time.
It never goes away, even when lying down it’s there.

In quicksand, you’d at least be able to struggle, with the outside possibility of escape. ¬†With paralysis, you can’t struggle, and you know you can’t escape.

That feeling of being hopelessly trapped diminishes here and there, but never completely goes away.


2 thoughts on “A description.

  1. I have always wondered what it feels like, but haven’t wanted to ask, in case it was rude or intrusive. So thanks. Sounds vile btw.

  2. Ah russell … don’t know what to say! Cause there isn’t anything really that I could say that would be appropriate !!

    I have been in awe and amazed at the way you keep your motivation up and just hope you continue !! Pia is the most fantastic friend anyone could ask for !

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