A comment about ‘Welshisms’

A lot of these came via one man called Johnny Morris , a Cwmbran man who played with me for the United and later coached Cwmbran .Johnny was a good old second row, not the game’s greatest thinker but totally immersed in the game. During Cwmbran’s centenary season Johnny asked me if I would help him out at Cwmbran. The whole back division and half the forwards were ex Fairwater boys so I was delighted to get involved. This was the first time anyone had heard the”coat/jacket” used but he had others as well. At one coaching session he was trying to get a point over, getting frustrated he said ” boys, I’ve told you once twice before!” On another occasion whilst on the telephone he asked a player on the other end if he had a pen he could borrow to write something down. I think the most hilarious situation was before a game against Llandaff who had beaten Cwmbran earlier on in the season. He said to me “Bobby you talk about the tactics etc. and then I’ll do the motivation speech. ” After I’d finished he then proceeded to give the finest tirade of abuse re another side I have ever heard. He said ” they are a bunch of bullies, cowards, wankers,” on and on until the ref came in , it lasted a good 5 minutes, nothing but abuse. Then he finally said “just remember boys, they are exactly the same as you.” At that point I had to leave the dressing room I could no longer keep the smile off my face.
Love, Dad

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