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Hi Russ,

I am a member of The Hogarth Health Club and read about your life changing accident on the noticeboard. I then recently actually saw you training in the gym and, honestly, seeing you pushing yourself literally overwhelmed me to tears. We are lucky to live in a world where causes such as yours are highlighted to us in the media and magazines and the news but to actually witness you training was amazing for me, and so deeply inspiring. Most people moan and whinge and struggle to get to the gym but to see you and your determination, the drive you clearly have and the way you feel sport is your saviour is so incredible. I truly believe exercise is a life changing/mind altering thing and can alleviate all forms of depression too. I wanted to also ask, has
your charity organised any spaces for the London Marathon 2015? If it has and there are spaces still available I d love to run to raise money for your charity. I have a place via my husband s company but I d really love to run it for a charity I feel passionately about and right now you and your situation and this charity you created don’t seem to leave my thoughts…

Wishing you all the best

Anna x

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