A comment.

What would I do? 4 months is nothing; a drop over a lifetime. I would cease the opportunity for both me and my family and would give great gratitude for the opportunity. Remember this is not just for you but a trial for science and medical progress.

I am so thankful this light has turned on for you and that these skillful researchers have given you every bit of attention and depth of reconnaissance you needed.

2 thoughts on “A comment.

  1. Basically Russell it doesn’t matter what anyone other than dani and yourself think. No one else is living in your shoes – you have to get up in the mornings and face the day together and it’s how you two feel about it that counts. At some point you will have to work with what you’ve got – you will have improved as much as it’s possible for anyone to do currently and however good that is you’ll have to concentrate on living the life you have – you and dani together.

  2. What would I do?

    Well a no brainer I’m sure Dani would say the same thing.

    Russ I have only just heard, lots to say.

    When your back in Blighty gov me a call.

    your old buddy

    love to Dani

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