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Hi Russ,

It’s ironic that they call your staff “carers” when any “caring” appears to be sorely lacking.  Here in the US, they use different terminology.  Such as Home Health Aides, for instance, in New York.  The terminology differs from state to state.
I am curious if you have the option of placing your own private adverts and “robustly” interviewing your own staff?  Have you tried college students of various types?  One hopes you’d at least find a certain level of intelligence.  Perhaps those training in physical therapy, sports medicine, or massage therapy?  One hopes they’d at least know what a calf muscle is.
It must all be extremely frustrating for you at times.  You have my sympathy and also my admiration for how well you handle it and carry on in spite of it.  I’d probably be foaming at the mouth in frustration and anger at times.  Which eould probably only make things worse…
So glad to hear you have a new lady friend in your life.  And so sporty, too.

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