A close friend asked me what I thought about, on waking. She expected a ‘ more normal ‘ answer, I know.


This was my reply –

Normally, it’s whatever it is that woke me up.
Things are VERY different for me now from how they were pre surgery in the summer.
So spasms normally wake me. Today I was very thirsty and reached for water, which I spilt on myself.
I check how long I’ve slept, I check if I’m lying in shit or not.
Then I check if I can reach my phone or not.
Today the first ‘ other thing ‘ I thought about was Beach tickets ( a band ).

My life doesn’t consist any more of a nice sleep and waking with nice thoughts.
My day starts with the practicalities of my condition

Ok with that?

4 thoughts on “A close friend asked me what I thought about, on waking. She expected a ‘ more normal ‘ answer, I know.

  1. It’s something my Dad told me when I was being bratty once, and it really stuck with me. I only found out it was Plato a few years ago. It’s such a good piece of advice though.

    And that Plato chips had better be from Pages! 😀

  2. Not OK. Sucky.
    I suspect it’s the case for more people than we imagine though. My goddaughter has Rheumatoid Arthritis and I know she is in pain a lot of the time. To control her condition she has to take some really major meds. Another friend has to take chemotherapy drugs to keep her Rheumatoid Arthritis controlled to a level where she can live a (relatively) normal life of work, kids etc.
    Other people wake up wondering if their cancer treatment is working, if the cancer is back, if their dialysis today is going to be horrible, if they’re going to have a seizure today, if they’re going to have a panic attack today…

    It is as Plato said: be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle you know nothing about.

    I know your battle is harder than most, lovely. Chin up. x

    1. Wise words, Lisa, and obviously true, also.

      We didn’t do much Plato in school.

      Plato Chips…. that was about as philosophical as it got.

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