Wednesday 28th September.

A 9 hour sleep … a non stop one, at that – or at least two 4.5 hour ones.
When I wake in the night, the first thing I have to do is look at my watch to see how long I’ve been lying in the same position for. If it’s been for over 2 hours, then I must press the button that sits the bed up, reach down with my right hand to my right leg, get hold of the skin on my thigh and tug it to the other side of the bed from the side it’s on, and then do the same for the left leg.
Moving both allows me to then grip the side bed rail and pull hard with my arm to force my torso to roll over a little.
That moves by bum.
If I didn’t do the above, I’d end up with pressure sores, that would be resolved by staying in bed for weeks/months, even a year.
Then I press the ‘ down’ button, and try to go back to sleep.

I suppose the equivalent in the non paralysed world, is waking up,jumping out of bed, doing 20 press up’s and then getting back into bed and going to sleep.

Easy, yes?

Thank you to my recent visitors!
Cherie, Angela, Maggie, Toby, Dani, Cress and Mike Smith.

And for my present from Vee, in the post!

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