Well the day started well. I slept for a few hours last night.
My left hand ached a bit until they finally took the two long Canula needles out. I think the veins in that hand have been a bit overused, these last few weeks, hence the pain yesterday.
The Canula in my right hand is fine, so they’re only using that one now.

They’ve also taken off all the sticky sensors monitoring my heart etc, so I’m almost wire free.

As my stomach is massively bloating, as my surgeon said it would post op, the pressure on the large diagonal, freshly stitched scar is increasing.
As I have partial sensation on that side, the left of my tummy button, it’s really not very comfortable at all.

I don’t get any visitors on the days I wake up from operations, as the misconception is that I must be ‘exhausted’ and ‘resting’.
I really don’t see what’s tiring about being in hospital, all you do is lie in bed, in my case doing my arm exercises every 10 minutes

The reality is that I’m just a bit lonely.

Hang on, someone’s just said they’re going to visit!
Instant fix 🙂

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