A day later, and the pain has decreased significantly.

This was never about being less paralysed, only about posture and discomfort and spasms. The physios helped me to a sitting up on the edge of the bed position yesterday. Although that sounds good, it’s not something that I can feel, since I can’t feel anything through my bum, legs, feet etc. But I could appreciate that I was straight, that I wasn’t leant to one side, that my shoulders were further back, and despite not feeling anything, that it still felt very different to pre op.

I haven’t had any spasms at all since the surgery, which is a very good sign, I’d say, and my surgeon said I’m way ahead of where he thought I’d be in terms of recovery. That implies that my hospital stay may well be shorter than the 6 weeks that he and I were primed for.

Thanks to Lisa ( from my Uni ) and Leigh ( from even further back – my school ) for visiting me, and to Amber ( not Amber, my daughter ) for coming last night.

I’ve just pushed the button on my hospital bed that makes me sit upright, but 2 minutes in now feel very light headed, so I’ve pushed the other bottom that lies me flat again, though I’m still feeling dizzy, and extremely tired.
Since the op, tiredness has been extreme, and I literally can’t stop myself falling very quickly into a deep sleep – as I can tell I’m about to.

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