Today I’m meeting a gentleman that I was briefly introduced to last week.

He had a cycling accident 20 years ago, and has been paralysed from that moment.
We spoke a little, last week, and have exchanged a few messages.

I’m trying, on a daily, minute by minute basis, to be positive about the situation that haunts my thoughts, whether I like it or not.

One message he sent, was this –

Russ, Sorry I was under pressure to go. Have been in chair 19 years and happy to explain why it’s not all shit. Much of it is about understanding your own body, some anger management and general coping strategies. I still have bad days and upsets but the vast majority is good not bad. Happy to have a beer or wine, here, at yours, or in town. Rgds ****

I am hoping that what he tells me will convince me that he’s right. I don’t know whether he has had any of the constant setbacks that I have, but perhaps he has, and has been able to overcome them. All SCI’ s are different – no 2 people/ victims get exactly the same post injury issues.

We’ll see.

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