I’ve had less spasms since they stuck the long needle into my back and withdrew some stuff to test.

It didn’t hurt, but the local anaesthetic wasn’t necessary as I feel nothing over most of my back in any case.
Only my shoulders really have proper sensation.
Despite mentioning this to the doctor who was sticking in the needle, he said the usual – ok, now a slight scratch sensation’ – it seems to have taken over from the Carry On Doctor ‘ok now you’ll feel my small prick ‘ – as the expression of choice.

I said ‘ no, I won’t feel it’ but he still couldn’t stop himself saying it again when he put in the next needle 2 minutes later.

Insensitive, no pun intended.

I think that the volume of stuff that they took out to test may have reduced the fluid pressure in that infected area, giving me less spasms, but that’s only my theory, and I’d expect the pressure to build up again soon anyway.
As I write, there’s a fair bit of jerking already in fact.

As I’ve been banned from getting into my arm bike until further notice, I’m gonna have to find something else that burns calories and doesn’t aggravate my spine.
I automatically reduce my food intake without even thinking about it to keep the intake/expenditure balance level, but I’ll want to do something for my sanity.

We watched ‘ Touching the Void’ earlier on the telly. I saw it years ago and read the book, and was horrified by the challenges that Joe Simpson faced after he :
Fell and broke his leg
Had his rope cut by his climbing partner
Disappeared into a bottomless cravass.
Dragged himself out to find himself miles from help
Fell at every step in agony as he tried to reach somewhere better.

When I last saw it I was blown away by the bad luck that he encountered at every turn.

Today I felt I understood what might have been going through Joe’s mind as things kept going wrong despite his efforts.

Joe did eventually get there, despite all the obstacles in his way.

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