My spasms have been almost omnipresent for a while now. They do suffenly stop sometimes, but despite keeping a detailed food, drink and medication diary, I’m none the wiser than I was.

Having said that, as inserting catheters now leads to violent leg jerks I think that I have an internal condition or injury. Tomorrow I go for an endoscopy ( so called because they stick a scope in your end…) which may reveal the source of my frustration. Christ, I hope so. as for many reasons I could just do with a break.

Despite recent developments we actually still intend driving to France on the weekend for what I imagine will be our last ski trip as a family, and our first one proper one post accident  I do really want to be able to see and hear my girls on the snow, as I thought I never would again.

My leg jerking  continues to make driving dangerous as I need one hand on my crazy leg(s) and the other steering/accelerating/ braking and indicating.  Dani may therefore do ( and wants to do, perhaps understandably ) most of the driving

I’ve kidded Amber into thinking the Channel Tunnel train is like Disneyland on rails/ underground this week, which is a bit mean. As she is in yet more trouble at school ( for ordering a take away pizza to be delivered in lesson times ?! ) perhaps she deserves it..

I am now actually looking forward to trying sitski’ing again as I did receive my new poles/hand skis which do seem far better made than those that I have used up to now. Perhaps I’ll get the control I need..

Thank you to quite a few concerned people that have been in touch these last few days. There is unlikely to be any change in the ‘decision’ but it’s good to hear from you anyway.

Sleeping tablets ( I know , not good ) have helped.

Great to see Mike Smith  tonight.  Top boy.

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