They’ve just left.

The door shut behind them. I’m in so much pain inside. All I wanted after my injury was to be with my girls, and I’ve let them walk out without me to fly thousands of miles away, my choice not to have gone with them. I hate myself so much in every way for doing this, for failing them again.

I wanted to scream out for them to stop, for them to take me with them, but I didn’t,  I let my beautiful family go so I can sink further into my despair.

The doorbell just rang and I wanted so desperately for it  to be them, coming back for me to take me with them. It wasn’t them of course, they are in the car and miles away by now.

How did it come to this.

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  1. I echo Andrea’s sentiment, though I’m too far to pop over. I’m sorry things are so hard. I wish some of your despair and a little of your pain would dissipate.

  2. Russ, I barely know you but I’m worried about you….not sure what to say (or do) but if you need me contact me via a follow-up comment and I’ll come over.

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