Wa you wont for breakfast?

Some tea, some orange juice, and bran flakes please.

You wont sugar ?

No thank you.

She appears to write it all down.

Few minutes later..

She puts a tray ( with tea, small carton of juice, and   tiny bowl containing about 20 bran flakes, full to the brim with milk ) out of my reach on a table to the side of my bed.

I ask her to pass my the tray, which she kindly does.

I no put the sugar in yet.

I don’t want sugar, thank you.

You wont sugar – How many?

No sugar at all, thank you.

Maybe I’m the first person in this hospital not to request sugar?


I know now find myself strangely pleased when I hear strobberi jam  …. from behind the curtain – which of course I did 3 times.

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