Again I find myself in Charing Cross hospital.

After an unpleasant morning  I felt suddenly cold and began to shake. My temperature rose to 39 degrees C whilst in the hospital waiting area.

If this post isn’t very literate I’m sorry.

Almost – 3 miles from the Chapel of Rest, Dani turned back, seeing I couldn’t speak and my head down

Ive been denied the chance to say goodbye to Selcuk. I never got to give him my and his loyal friend Arti’s messages.

im sorry Sel it’s just not fair  why do I seem cursed at every turn

I felt a dread that I’d not see my daughters again, and cried when they eventually came

how much more can go wrong to one person  the problem is an infected testicle   There’s no reason I’d have that except my long running UTI – the fault of being given the wrong drug for the last 2 months , making my crap life worse

the ward is so hot and I’m burning up  the nurses seem to find it funny? My SCI makes my body unable to regulate my temperature  and I am alone

I’m so sorry Sel

I feel helpless and weak


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  1. Hang in there Russ, you are handling such tough and painful times with grace, I can only imagine how you are feeling. I hope all your stress and worries end soon. keeping you in my thoughts and prayers that you have a quick recovery. xxx

  2. Dear Russ. Sorry to hear you are in hospital and that you have had a particularly tough spell of late. I hope they sort out this latest setback quickly so that you can get out of there and be back home with Dani and your girls. would be good to meet up after half term. Maybe lunch at Hogarth? Sending you lots of love.
    Vee xxx

  3. Hang in there Russ-boy,
    you are in good hands and hopefully you will feel a lot better tomorrow.
    It may even provide you with the answer as to why you’re getting bad spasms?
    I hope you manage to get a decent nights sleep.
    Lots of love xxx

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