8pm Tuesday 2nd May.

This is how ******** up this flat is.
I’ve been in bed for 4 hours. I obviously am unable to move from this bed, or move much in the bed, at that.
No one has enquired after me, or spoken to me 🙂
And nobody will until my carer arrives tomorrow..

Just imagine that.
It’s an odd existence.

It’s  a fast forward to being in a home, and having no family that wants to visit, or perhaps having no family at all.

When I’m in hospital, it’ll be so much more fun than it is here.

Weird for sure, but true.

By contrast, this week 2 complete strangers have approached me and told me that they read this diary, and appeared to think well of me.  I have that  ‘ compensation ‘ at least.

Thanks to B**** for the amusing Pringle exchange.  Pringle may get become common slang for a bloke’s underpants.

‘ Oi, get yer Pringles off, and get into bed!’ ..?

Might catch on?

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