My week ahead.

Gym with Adam Jones,and dinner at Frank and Elizabeth’s have been among my return to Chiswick highlights.

I’m in that ‘prisoner in my own home’ phase at the moment, to a degree – not able to go out on my own, no car I can drive, not enough wheelchair confidence to just leave the house.
I spent the WHOLE day yesterday in bed. Ok, so I did bed based exercises, but I feel a bit of a loser for not getting out.
Tomorrow I go with my buddy, Martin, for a driving assessment in Surrey – a private track and a selection of hand controlled cars.
Will help get that straight in my head .. Will I be a ‘danger on the roads’ or not?
Gym Tuesday, wed and thurs, including boxing! Wheelchair pad and glove work… Look out all bad ass midgets out there, I’m coming after you.
I even go to work on Wednesday evening,for the first time – an optometrist training event – run by me. It should go ok.
Poker and book club night on thurs .. Neither of which I’ve done before. I think I was too much of a loose cannon to ever be invited before, my Tourette’s tendencies probably putting people off?
Friday, and off up north for the weekend by train to a party in the country.
Christ, what was that about being a prisoner in my home?

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