I met this lovely guy maybe 5 years ago where we skied together in France for a few days.

Over the years I’ve met a lot of people who for some reason want to keep in touch for years after.

Maybe knowing at least one Welsh person is fashionable?


Anyway, Joost emailed me today, as he has so often over these last 2 years ( I’ve no idea how he found out about my accident )


Hi Russ,

A fast hello from Belgium to let you know that i try to follow your blog from time to time.

I read that you have up and down moments. We only skied together a coupple off days but i enjoyed them very much. i’m sure that you still bring joy to a lot off people!

Whenever you have to be in Belgium or around Brussels let me know so you pass at my place.

Do you have plans for skiing this winter ?

Im triing to brake the Belgian record speedskiing.

Hope to see you on some slope

I send you lots off positive energy!!


I suppose what im saying is that the world is full of good people .

And that I’ve met my fair share of them.


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