More positive.

The canoeing try -out went well, I think.

Dan, who I learnt was a former World and European paracanoe champion, after his own injury, along with John and Phil (coaches ) were all great guys, and so patient and helpful

I asked John afterwards if he thought I had potential. To my shock he said he thought there was a ‘place in the GB team waiting for me’.

That was complimentary but I’m sure not the truth!


Thank you so very much to Irum, my former student who took a day off to help me and keep me company ( I still really don’t like being alone with my thoughts ).

We’d met ¬†quite a few years ago. She was ( I’d say ) going through a bad time in her life, and not working. I think it’s fair to say that I saw ¬†the fantastic girl behind the mask, and employed her, for my gamble to very much pay off ( for both of us ).

She hadn’t read this blog, and I said that she might be interested

She sent me a text this morning:

Just reading ur blog… Ah I have anxiety now! I hope I’m not one of ur insensitive “colleagues”. U r anything but a burden. Trust me I know. I am one?. Also, I think ppl get conflicting advice/ opinions on how they should act around people with disabilities and that can overshadow the natural human instinct which is to be caring and considerate, making a situation unnecessarily awkward. Tbh to me ur still the charming, impressive Russ and I genuinely enjoy ur company. Obv I’m shite at lifting etc.. well a bit hopeless at life in general but hopefully not too bad to cope with for a few hours?! But if I have come across unsympathetic or thoughtless in the past that is truly not how I feel. I have always had a huge amount of respect and admiration for u. Which has only increased since the accident. U were impossible to ignore then … and now! U have amazing presence. Ur great at giving advice and so easy to talk to… about anything. Me, Farah and Alty can vouch for that! Yep, ur a sterling dude. Im shocked that the thought that no1 would miss u can cross ur mind. I barely see u but I speak of u highly to everyone I know. And not just now. Always have. And I cried (literally broke down) when I told my mum about ur accident. And when I spoke about u to that paralysed px I mentioned (must’ve been hella awks for him tho)! Even my mum speaks of u so fondly to her friends. Russ, ppl do care about u. More than u think. If only u knew. Ur priceless.
On a side note: wow ur wife is 50!!… seriously wow!!! Love u Boss! But u already know… X

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