A realisation.

I’ve come to the conclusion, after my new life over the last 2 years.

It’s that Mums over the age of 40 should be in charge of EVERYTHING.

They have qualities that the rest of the population don’t.

There are some obvious exceptions – like changing light bulbs, certain aspects of driving, getting corks out of wine bottles, and putting the house/car keys in a logical place …..
But EVERYTHING else.. They should oversee.

They do of course know this already

Sorry men, for this public betrayal.

4 thoughts on “A realisation.

  1. There’s an easy answer to the keys issue: you put a hook on the wall near the door and always hang them on there. Take this from a woman over 40 who has learned how to cope with a whole bunch of stuff without assistance. I have no trouble with light bulbs or opening wine bottles, though I confess to having a little confusion about hammer drills and I wish I had a few extra arms when I’m doing DIY.)

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