I’m on a wheelchair thing in Somerset…
6 in chairs.


All of us have known what it’s like not to be disabled

My accident cycling…
One man hit a rabbit on his motorcycle, in his teens, a few years ago. After spending 18 months in bed in the spinal unit, his weight dropped from 185lbs to 70lbs – a martial arts black belt to a skeleton.

A man who was crushed by a fork lift at work, 24 years ago

A man who crashed his mountain bike in a bike park, falling a few feet ‘ only ‘, 12 years ago.
Another girl fell down some steps 17 years ago, after a few glasses of wine,  over an edge and dropped 14 feet – but went on to ski in the Paralympics.
Another hit the ground too hard whilst sky diving ( 11 months ago ). I’d say he’s still in shock- as I was at that time. He doesn’t say very much at all.
Another had his leg amputated after bone cancer

Another girl an amputee at 6 years old, now about 20 and still feels she doesn’t fit in. She ‘looks normal’ and walks without a hint of having one leg cut off below the knee.



We kayaked today, with rigid seats and straps fitted to stable ( standard) sit on top kayaks – hardly the elite boats I used to paddle, but at least back on the water, and it has reawakened my interest in kayaking

It’s 4.30 am and I’m having non stop spasms again that have woken me up.

Tomorrow is some archery, followed by blow karting- like windsurfing on sand.

Hope I get back to sleep – that would help!



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